Limited Warranty

One School Year LIMITED WARRANTY against Manufacturer Defects.


Manufacturing Defects include but are not limited to:

fabric flaws

zipper problems


Must be returned within 1 year of purchase. Receipt required.

Item will be repaired if possible or exchanged for the same garment & size.


Wear & Tear includes but is not limited to:

holes or cuts in fabric

faded knees or holes in knees

button falls off


snags or pulled threads

hems pulled out or bibs pulled off


Wear & Tear is not a defect and garments will not be returned or exchanged.


Tips for preventing Wear & Tear:

Use scissors carefully

Avoid all types of bleach, even color safe bleach

Wash garments inside-out with like garments and colors


Sometimes Wear & Tear is unpreventable:

Hard playgrounds are hard on knees and clothes

Art supplies, asphalt playgrounds, and grass stain clothes

Play structures and chainlink fences snag clothes


Remember… kids are kids… uniforms are durable... not indestructable!